The Crown Signature Silver card is easier to attain compared to the more prestigious cards, the benefits of the silver card is very limited you gain access to the Riverside room which has exclusive poker machines, TAB area a excluded smokers area and the riverside restaurant which serves lunch and dinner, Free parking in Multilevel car park, The other perks of the silver room is the free sandwiches they offer midday on weekdays, the exclusive competitions and rewards only offered to silver and above members, you’re also allowed to bring a guest into the silver room and on some occasions 2 guests depending on the day. The silver card requires 5 Status Credits which are pretty easy to attain in money terms you would have to gamble $500 to attain 1 Status Credit so you would need to spend around $2500 in the period of 6 months to attain silver which is pretty easy compared to the higher cards.


By being a Silver Tier Member, you can enjoy the following benefits;

  • Access to Riverside Room
  • Free multi-level parking
  • Birthday offer – sparkling wine and chocolates
  • Member pricing and offers at selected restaurants
  • 10% discount at Crown Spa and hotels
  • Hotel privileges – hotel welcome gift


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Join CrownBet Rewards and receive 2,500 bonus Rewards points, valued at $25, to redeem across the CrownBet Rewards store.
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Feel free to ask any questions below and I or another member will answer your questions.