The Mahogany Room Restaurant is located in the Mahogany room next to Crown Towers, to gain entry to the restaurant you require a Platinum or Black card or be accompanied by one. The restaurant is opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week it’s truly unique with no expense spared.

crown table

The menu itself is multicultural from Asian Cuisine to Australian food catering for all the ethnic group which may enter, The prices range caters for everyone starting from $25 for a basic meal to a $49 top quality steak, The best part about dinning at the Mahogany Restaurant is that you’re also able to pay for your food using your food vouchers or points.

I visit the Mahogany room as much as possible so I can retain my platinum status but also because the food served is fantastic and one of the bonuses of eating in the restaurant is every drink is free which means you end up saving a lot of money as sometimes drinks can easily cost the same as the meal and occasionally more.

I would give the Mahogany Room Restaurant a 9.5/10 for the great food and customer service which attributes to the reason I’m a Platinum Club member, The restaurant is beautiful and displays nothing but the best which is what you become accustom to at Crown.

The menu below is from the Crown Mahogany Room Restaurant

If you’ve dined in the Teak Room Restaurant before write a comment below on your experience or if you have a question feel free to write one.