The Crown Teak Room Restaurant is located next to crown towers, to gain entry to the restaurant you require a Gold card or above or be accompanied by a gold card holder or above. The room is beautiful, it’s a piece of art usually the room is busy from Friday to Sunday so if you’re planning to eat their on those dates make sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

The Menu is very diverse because of the many cultures that enter the Teak room, despite the restaurant being in the Crown Teak Room Restaurant the prices are pretty affordable, also you’re entitled to the free drinks you usually get from the Teak room. The best part is that the dinning vouchers you get from earning 150 pokies points or 650 table play points which entitle you to $17.50 can be used in the teak room.

I usually go on a weekday because theirs usually cheap deals like a porterhouse steak and chips for $20 and it tastes fantastic especially accompanied by their selection of free drinks the whole dinner ends up being cheaper than going to the food court. You’re getting a meal and drinks for $20 compared to going to the food court and buying maybe a pizza and drink for $25 and you don’t get to eat in a restaurant environment with the free beverages to accompany the food.

I would personally Rate the Crown Teak Room Restaurant a 8/10 for the great customer service free drinks and the magnificent food, The layout is also really nice with a nice fountain in the middle, nice wooden chairs, beautiful classical lighting and nice garden design on the wall like feature outside.

The menu below is from the Crown Teak Room Restaurant.

If you’ve dined in the Teak Room Restaurant before write a comment below on your experience or if you have a question feel free to write one.