I am writing this blog to let readers know how the Crown Signature Club works. This information comes from first-hand experience, as there isn’t much information publicly available. I will aim to clarify the benefits of Crown Rewards and how to gain access to some of the exclusive benefits.

As of the 15th of November 2016, the Crown Rewards program has changed immensely, making it harder to gain access to the exclusive and prestigious Gold and Platinum clubs. Previously, you would only need to earn 450 points to gain a Status Credit. Currently, 500 Gambling points, or 1500 Lifestyle Points are needed per Status Credit. Five Status Credits are needed to obtain a Silver membership. Once Silver is attained, 25 more Status Credits are needed for Gold, and again another 100 for Platinum.

Currently, to gain 1 Status Credit you need to earn 500 Gambling Points or 1500 Lifestyle Points. Gambling Points are obviously earned from gambling. Lifestyle Points are earned from money spent in the Crown Precinct, such as hotels or restaurants.

To gain points you’ll either need to gamble, or spend money on other services within the Crown Precinct.


If you’re planning on building your credits from gambling, you’ll need only 500 points to form one Status Credit. If you are starting from the White Card membership (previously known as Bronze Membership) it is going to be really hard to get a Gold Card if you are not a big gambler. This is because the points system on the tables work on a time basis, rather than depending on the amount of money you are gambling. Because of this, you are going to have to be clever about how you play.

For example, if you are playing on a $15 Blackjack table but you are playing $50 hands, you would be better off playing on a $50 table. This is because the $15 table doesn’t pay as many points as the $50 table does. The $50 table also gives you a higher chance of winning because there’s no card shuffler and its made up of 6 decks.

The table point system is based on the following formula:

Table Value X 10 = Points Per Hour

For example, if you play $15 Blackjack for 1 hour, you will make 150 points. This formula applies to every game except for Roulette. With Roulette, there is no known information regarding point accumulation. This is probably because table games require a minimum playing bet, where an approximate average bet amount can be calculated. In contrast, with Roulette there is no way of calculating what your average bet is because you could be playing $100 spins.

In addition to the above formula, higher club membership will give you bonus table points. If you are a hold a Gold membership, you will make an additional 25% points from gambling. Platinum members will make an additional 66%, and Black members will make an additional 112%.



This is probably your safest bet if you want to obtain a Gold, Platinum or Black membership, as the point system is more clear and simple. When you are betting on Fixed Odds it is one point per dollar spent. So if you are gambling and you want to obtain a Gold Card, you will only need to turn over $12,500.

Gold Card = 25 Status Credits

$500 X 25 Status Credits = $12,500

Therefore, if you’re gambling on CrownBet, it doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing, the points you make will contribute to your Status Credits. This is compared to gambling at Crown Casino, where it is not a 1:1 point to dollar system, and you risk making points by the hour.

CrownBet also has a lot of amazing programs where they give you extra points every now and then through special bet deals. If you want to sign up to CrownBet click on the link below for 2,500 Rewards Points for free, worth $25.

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Lifestyle Points

Lifestyle Points are easy to earn, but unless you are dining at Crown Precinct every week it is going to be very hard to obtain a Gold, Platinum or Black card solely from this. You will need to spend a lot because you need 1500 Lifestyle Points to gain 1 Status Credit. This is compared to gambling, where you only need 500 points to gain 1 Status Credit. If you go to a restaurant, bar, hotel or retail store within Crown Precinct, you’ll earn 5 points for every dollar spent.


This is how the Crown Signature Club works. As a Gold Card holder, I am well experienced in using Crown’s various services, accumulating points and knowing how to obtain higher memberships. For more information, tips and tricks contact me directly for a one-on-one discussion.

Join CrownBet Rewards and receive 2,500 bonus Rewards points, valued at $25, to redeem across the CrownBet Rewards store.
Click Here To Join The Crown Rewards Program


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